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Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorneys For Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries at work can be debilitating, affecting your ability to perform both job-related and daily activities. These injuries, including rotator cuff tears, fractures and dislocations, often require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Instead of paying the cost of your recovery out of your own pocket, let a skilled workers’ compensation attorney help secure the money you deserve to pay for those expenses.

At The Merkel Law Firm, LLC, we are dedicated to helping injured workers in Colorado secure the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. We know the difficulties of balancing a compensation claim with tending to your own recovery, and our lawyers will be by your side to help you secure every cent you deserve from your workers’ compensation benefit.

Advocating For Workers In Need

At The Merkel Law Firm, LLC, we focus exclusively on workers’ compensation cases, ensuring our clients receive the specialized attention they need. Serving Denver and the surrounding communities, our experienced attorneys, Penny Merkel and Jody Merkel, are committed to helping workers like you. In an effort to bring the most amount of good to the most people, we only offer our services to employees in these cases, and not insurance companies.

Shoulder injuries can result from various workplace activities, especially in blue collar jobs involving heavy lifting and overhead tasks. Common work injuries include rotator cuff tears, dislocations and fractures. Such injuries can severely limit your ability to work and perform everyday tasks.

When these injuries happen, no matter how they happened at work, we are ready to explain the details of your claim while taking on all of the legal obligations in your claim.

With our Denver workers’ compensation attorneys at your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are defending your best interests with a team of lawyers who are fighting for you and your future.

Immediate Legal Action For Your Shoulder Injury Claim

Shoulder injuries can have lasting consequences on your health and ability to work, so don’t let them also disrupt your finances. Instead, call us at 303-276-8665 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation to begin building your workers’ compensation claim today.