Confidently File For The Workers’ Compensation You Deserve

Navigating State Laws For Workers’ Compensation

While Colorado law guarantees that every employee has workers’ compensation insurance, obtaining that benefit after a workplace injury can come with unexpected problems. If you recently suffered a workplace injury, you can improve the outcome of your workers’ compensation claim by getting the help of skilled workers’ comp attorneys.

At The Merkel Law Firm, LLC, we offer clients throughout the Denver area the representation they need to pursue the ideal outcome in their injury claim. Because we exclusively practice workers’ compensation law, we are fluent in the complex state laws surrounding these cases.

When Does An Employer Have To Offer Workers’ Comp?

Colorado law mandates that every employer must have workers’ compensation insurance, no matter how many employees work for a company. An employer must also provide this coverage to every employee, whether they are part-time or full-time.

If an employer has even a single person in their employment, regardless of hours worked or relation, they must provide the worker with workers’ compensation insurance. An employer also cannot push the cost of the insurance onto the employee. Some industries that are more dangerous, such as construction, have additional requirements for compensation coverage.

Protect Your Workers’ Comp Rights

If you suffered a workplace injury, and your employer is telling you that you do not qualify for workers’ compensation, they do not have compensation insurance, or anything else that may keep you from filing a claim, contact us immediately. We can review your case and provide you with guidance to the funds you need to make ends meet after your workplace accident.

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