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How Medical Bills Are Paid After A Work Injury

Last updated on July 15, 2024

Experiencing a work injury can be overwhelming, especially when medical bills start to arrive and your paycheck stops. When bills start piling up as your regular income stops, it is important to know how you can pay those medical bills to help make ends meet.

At The Merkel Law Firm, LLC, our Denver workers’ compensation attorneys can help you through all of the challenges of recovering from a workplace injury. We are proud to help the Denver area earn the compensation they are entitled to and provide them with the information and guidance they need along the way.

What To Do When Medical Bills Start Arriving

After a work injury, it is common not to consider paying the bill while receiving the essential care you need. When the first bill arrives and reality sets in, many injured workers are looking for answers to a lot of questions. While turning to the internet for information may seem helpful, it may not always provide the precise information you need in a stressful time.

When you are under a stack of medical bills with no direction on how to make them go away, our compassionate and committed workers’ compensation lawyers are here to help. We can guide you through the process of paying these bills with workers’ compensation and minimize the time it takes to do it.

Accounting For Loss Of Income

The mounting medical bills of a workplace injury are often made worse by the lack of income a worker experiences while recovering. If you are unable to work for three or more days due to your injury, let our lawyers act on your behalf to speed up your compensation claim.

Employers may hesitate to turn your injury into a workers’ compensation claim, hoping you will recover quickly. This can leave you without a paycheck and unsure of your next steps.

We know how to expedite the workers’ compensation process by staying ahead of things and advocating for you every step of the way. With our experience in workers’ compensation, we can give you the peace of mind you deserve as we fight to earn every cent you deserve.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future

In both scenarios – whether dealing with medical bills or loss of income – it is essential to contact an attorney.

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