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Industries With Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries occur in every job and industry. When seeking a workers’ compensation attorney for your injuries, you want to be sure that they are familiar with your injuries and that a substantial amount of their legal practice is focused in the area in workers’ compensation.

At The Merkel Law Firm, LLC, our Colorado attorneys only practice in workers’ compensation law, which means that our practice is solely focused on helping people injured at work. Over the last decade, we have been helping Colorado injured workers, we have dealt with nearly every type of injury.


As an educator, your life’s purpose is devoted the educating children preparing them for their own unique future. Unfortunately, educators are exposed to injuries from student violence. In addition, educators can suffer injures from slip and falls (often in the parking lot) and other mechanism of injuries, e.g., tripping over children, mold exposure, falling down stairs, etc. Injuries to educators can range from traumatic brain injuries to broken bones. We assist many educators with their workers’ compensation claims and injuries, so they can focus on recovery allowing them to get back in the classroom with their kids.

Package Delivery

Delivering packages takes a toll on the body. The many deliveries and the heavy weight of the packages creates the perfect environment for back injuries, car accidents, lifting injuries, and falls can all leave an employee with lifelong medical concerns. One of the many concerns of our injured clients that work for a delivery company, is getting the treatment and benefits they need to be able to return to their job. We are familiar with the delivery company contracts and the add difficulties that can develop if a person is unable to return to their job quickly.


There is a reason this field of work is the most commonly thought of for workplace injuries. Most common injuries in the construction industry are from falls, falling objects, and lifting. However, defective product injuries, car accidents, and accidents related to heavy equipment, are just a few injuries that these workers also are exposed. Often times in the construction industry workers are employed by a company that does not carry workers’ compensation insurance (this is a violation of the law). Many times, we can find a way to get the benefits you deserve through the general contractor.

How We Help Injured Workers

Our purpose is to help our clients to obtain the benefits they need to heal and the fair and full compensation they deserve. We approach settlement with our client’s goals and interest in mind.

We work with experts to analyze the future value of your workers’ compensation settlement and the future medical costs.

Let Us Fight For You

If you work in these or any other work industries, let our vast experience become your legal advantage in your injury claim. Our lawyers help clients throughout Colorado, and we are only a phone call away at 303-276-8665. You can also reach us by emailing us here. Now is the best time to get help, so contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. Hablamos español.